Bills & Funding

Bill Submissions

Housing groups, campus departments, and various recognized student organizations can submit bills to request funding or other forms of support from RHA. Funding from RHA is mainly designated for the support of residents and meant to support events held on campus and advertised heavily to these populations. Individuals looking to request funding from RHA should review RHA Funding Guidelines as failure to follow these guidelines could result in a loss of support from RHA for approved events, initiatives, or future funding requests. To learn more about submitting a bill to RHA for support or funding of any kind, please go utilize our online bill submission form. During the fall and spring semesters, you can also reach out to RHA with any questions at

Funding for RHA, NRHH, & Local Councils

RHA is funded through student fees each semester, designating a percentage to RHA and to other hall organizations like local councils and NRHH. The total fee, referred to as the social fund, is set by University Housing and semester allocaitons are defined in the RHA Constitution. Changes can be made per year to allocations by the RHA Senate through constitutional amendments.

Semester Allocations
  • RHA - $6.50 per resident
  • Local Councils - $5.50 per resident
  • NRHH - $0.00 per resident
Funding Uses

Funds allocated through the social fund are meant to be spent within the same academic term for the benefit of residents through events and hall improvements. Do to the nature of the accounts, each organization is required to rollover a small percentage of funding to allow for funds at the beginning of each semester, before new funding can be allocated into accounts.

Spending Approved Funds

For groups outside of the residence halls, once you have been approved for funding, you will need to retrieve invoices (with tax) that RHA can pay in advance or your group/organization will need to pay the bill and share your receipts (with tax) with the RHA Chief of Operations. Either a transfer to your SOFS account or a direct reimbursement to your organization members can then be made through the SOFS Payment Request. All payments by RHA must follow any guidelines stipulated by SOFS otherwise funding will not be able to be granted.

Residence hall organizations should contact their advisor or the RHA advisor to work out payment for approved expenditures.