Campaigning Guidelines

Candidates for fall and spring elections may start campaigning as soon as they have submited their application for a position (RHA Candidacy Form). While campaigning , please abide by the following rules. If there are any infractions, the Election Commission (RHA Advisors and current RHA President) will file them and then decide on any fines or other measures. If you have any questions about any of the below guidelines, please contact the RHA Advisor at

Posting Policies 
  • ONE poster may be posted on Public Bulletin Boards in the hall lobbies and one poster may be posted on each floor in the public posting area (elevator lobby) or on the bulletin board if one is provided. 
  • You also may post one poster in the Elevator Lobby of the building. 
  • Posters should be no larger than 11” by 17” and should be submitted to hall front desks for approval before posting. 
  • Posters may not cover any pre-existing poster. 
  • Windows and doors of resident’s rooms are not regulated by any RHA by-laws. Anyone, except election commissioners, can put campaign materials on their door or in their window following regular Housing guidelines (i.e. above doorknob level). 
  • Posters may not be placed on any walls, stairwells, in any elevators nor on pillars that are not used as public posting places. 
Additional Campaigning Opportunities & Regulations 
  • You may also campaign at a floor meeting (if held) with the permission of the RD & the Resident Assistant. Permission for one candidate means permission is granted to all candidates. Special meetings shall not be called to provide campaigning opportunities. 
  • You may create social media posts, but they must be deemed appropriate by the Election Commissioner. If the Election Commissioner deems them inappropriate, you will be asked to remove them immediately. 
  • You may submit a campaign video no longer than 60 seconds to the RHA Advisor to be posted on the RHA Movie Channel. 
  • You may pass out fliers or promotional items outside of the residence hall buildings. 
  • You may request to reserve a table in common spaces near dining areas (NOT inside dining areas) to talk with voters. Email to submit your request and let them know it is to campaign for RHA elections.
  • Sidewalk chalking for elections is prohibited. 

IMPORTANT Creativity is encouraged, BUT PLEASE NOTE, candidates should be mindful of how their campaigns could represent themselves to the university and public at large as someone who would be acting in a liaison role with the institution, potential stakeholders, and the larger Nebraska community. 

Campaigning Location Restrictions 

Campaigning is NOT ALLOWED in the below locations. Violation of these restrictions could result in a candidate being removed from the ballot.

  • The Residence Hall Association office 
  • Main lobbies of residence halls without approved tabling reservations 
  • Inside dining areas 
  • Door-to-door on floors is strictly prohibited. This also includes hanging door knob hangers. 

On the Day of Elections, all campaign material must be taken down within 24 hours after the polls close. 

Questions: If you have any questions, please call the RHA Advisor, Dan Hudson, at 402-472-5346 or email at