RHA Senators are representatives of each residence hall that serve to advocate on the behalf of their respective populations and are elected at the beginning of each Fall semester. Senators in RHA are responsible for the following duties:

  • Attend weekly RHA meetings & assigned committee meetings;
  • Assist in planning and hosting events or working towards various projects or iniatives for the benefit of residents in the halls;
  • Review & vote on behalf of their halls on various bills brought before the RHA Senate;
  • Act as a liaison between RHA and residents in the halls, gathering opinions on current issues, sharing concerns, and keeping residents informed of upcoming events.
  • Attend & participate with NRHH Leadership Retreat & Summit

If you are interested in any an open positions, please contact us at rha@unl.edu, go to rha.unl.edu/interest, or apply at rha.unl.edu/fallelections

Current RHA Senators

Abel & Sandoz

Harper, Schramm, Smith, & Village


Love Memorial


Eastside Suites, University Suites, Knoll, & Courtyards