Purpose and Structure

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government of the UNL residence halls. All students living in a hall are automatically members. RHA is supported by a fee paid each semester by all residents. These funds allow the organization to host and support events as well as purchase items for use by residents such as bike pumps. RHA is lead by an executive team consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chief of Staff, Speaker of the Senate, National Communications Coordinator (NCC), and three committee chairs. The RHA Senate is the body that passes legislation and serves as a voice for residents. Each hall or complex has its own governing body that sends representatives to the RHA Senate based on the population of the hall.

RHA has five standing committees:
  • Resident Success and Wellness This committee plans events and initiatives for residents of all halls concerning civic engagement, academic success, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, and personal wellness.
  • Diversity Inclusivity, and Service This committee plans events and initiatives to address issues such as understanding diversity in your community, advocating for inclusive language, planning service projects and opportunities for residents, and other issues the committee would like to address.
  • Advocacy/Residential Enhancement This committee is responsible for managing the different social media accounts of RHA and communicating with residents and outside groups about all that RHA is up to. They also manage the RHA Movie channel.
  • Recreation, Engagement, and Community This committee plans events and initiatives geared towards bringing students together, encouraging engagement, and building a stronger community on campus.
  • Presidents Every hall/complex president is automatically a member of this committee. This committee serves as a platform for communication between halls and facilitates leadership development of hall government members. It is chaired by the President or Vice President.

The RHA Senate meets Tuesdays at 7 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters. All meetings are held in the Red Cloud Room in the Willa Cather Dining Complex, except for one meeting per semester which is held on East Campus.

RHA Mission Statement

  • Serve as the student government of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln residence halls;
  • Enhance the living and learning environment of the halls and to work jointly with the University Administration to create and alter policies designed to establish and maintain such an environment;
  • Encourage and coordinate the representation of the General Membership throughout campus;
  • Communicate to the General Membership any information pertinent to them;
  • Discuss, to act upon, and to communicate the opinion of the Association on matters of interest to the General Membership;
  • Communicate with other student organizations on campus.