RHA Committees

Do you want to contribute to the residence halls while gaining leadership and teamwork experience? Apply to be a member of an RHA committee!

DID YOU KNOW?: any hall resident can be a member of an RHA committee! This includes hall government members and RAs.

There are three committees that you can apply for:

  • Resident Success and Wellness This committee plans events and initiatives for residents of all halls concerning civic engagement, academic success, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, and personal wellness.
  • Diversity Inclusivity, and Service This committee plans events and initiatives to address issues such as understanding diversity in your community, advocating for inclusive language, planning service projects and opportunities for residents, and other issues the committee would like to address.
  • Advocacy/Residential Enhancement This committee is responsible for managing the different social media accounts of RHA and communicating with residents and outside groups about all that RHA is up to. They also manage the RHA Movie channel.
  • Recreation, Engagement, and Community This committee plans events and initiatives geared towards bringing students together, encouraging engagement, and building a stronger community on campus.
  • Presidents Every hall/complex president is automatically a member of this committee. This committee serves as a platform for communication between halls and facilitates leadership development of hall government members. It is chaired by the President or Vice President.

Each committee will set meeting times based on what works for the committee members. We have a strong preference for meeting at this time, but we will consider time changes or alternative meeting times if the time makes it difficult for our committees to meet regularly. You will be asked to fill out a doodle poll for times that you are available for meetings.

To apply for an RHA committee, please email your response to the questions below to rha@unl.edu. Please send your email from the address that you would like us to use to contact you throughout the year.

  1. Current residence hall
  2. Are you currently or have you ever been an RA or member of hall government? If you are or have been a member of a hall government, list which positions.
  3. Which committees are you interested in? The three committees you can apply for are residential enhancement, programming, and advocacy. You can apply for one, two, or all committees, but you will only be able to be a part of one.
  4. Do you have any experience or skills that you think would be particularly helpful for the committees you are interested in?
  5. Being a member of a committee requires you to dedicate several hours a week. Are you confident that you will be able to manage your other commitments so that you will be able to meet this expectation?
  6. What qualities do you value in someone who is leading you?
  7. The ability to work well in groups is essential to being a good committee member. What do you think each individual on a team needs to do to make a team successful?

Don’t overthink your answers to these questions! You can respond to every one of these questions in a few sentences (but please give thoughtful answers).

If you have any questions, please email us at rha@unl.edu. We are also happy to meet with you in person so you can get to know the committee chairs and have any questions answered! Send us an email to set up a time!