Funding Guidelines

All bills submitted to the Residence Hall Association Senate are required to include language and follow the official guidelines for funding.


ALL BILLS must inlcude the following language...
Be it further enacted that all funds and other support from RHA will be subject to the RHA Funding Guidelines, which can be found on the RHA website and within the RHA bylaws.
  1. Bills...
    1. must be submitted to RHA a minimum of two weeks before the event is to take place.
    2. must have the RSO’s President AND Treasurer’s email
    3. requesting funding must have the RSO’s SOFS account number
    4. requesting funding must include an itemized budget. Bills requesting RHA funds without a budget will not be brought onto the senate floor for debate and voting. Bills requesting RHA funds with budget lines that are vague and/or questionable will be sent back to the RSO for editing and more information.
    5. must include any secured or requested alternative sources of funding and the amount of that funding
    6. must provide the following information in addition:
    7. Explanation of how the event to be funded will attract on-campus residents: An estimate of how many people will attend the event, If event has been done in the past, a summary of the event must be provided, If there will be an attendance fee, the ticket cost to residents must be provided and the reasoning behind the cost explained.
  2. Post Event Requirements
    1. Any unused funds (if funds are provided upfront) must be returned to RHA.
    2. All relevant receipts, invoices, etc. must be sent to RHA no more than 2 weeks after the planned event date.
    3. An overview of the event must be provided to RHA no more than 2 weeks after the event. Events will not be reimbursed until this form is filled out. The form will include information on the event and all OTM requirements. This should include attendance figures, the actual event budget, and a brief summary explaining how the event went.
    4. If either of these submissions are missing, all reimbursements will be withheld until they are received.